Up-Coming Roster

Date 5th May 2017 12th May 2017
Sunday 4th of Easter  5th of Easter
Service 8.30 & 10.30 am 8.30 & 10.30 am
Welcomers Merle Thelma W
Sides-people Tony McC & Christina Mike McF & Mary G
Worship assistant Dawn Margaret Carter
Reader Thelma W


Faye Johnson

Janne Kovacs


Preacher Alex Kornaczewski Alex Kornaczewski
Healing  Prayers Joan K & Linda F

Ros & Annie B

Mike McF & Thelma

Friederike & Janne


Morning Tea Norma B & Joan G Marion B & Rosalyn Lucas
Sanctuary Joan Margaret
Flowers Pat
Cleaning Church P.C. 3/5 Stephen
Parish Centre  Stephen

If you find you are allocated for duty, but cannot do so, please arrange someone else to fill in. Thanks!