Upcoming Retreat Day

Our Parish Retreat Day is coming up very soon. On the 21st of April we’ll gather together to have a day of fellowship in God’s Word, with Jill Firth, lecturer in Old Testament and Hebrew, taking us through the Psalms as our guest speaker. Looking forward to it!


A Hint of Heaven

Sermon delivered by Max Broadway 27th November 2016

Christmas is coming! Today is the first day of Advent! How quickly has the year fled past! We can put a date on it – 25th December, and we can plan and prepare. Today’s readings remind us that Jesus, having arrived amongst us in the shape of a baby on that very first Christmas, and having left us in his physical incarnation soon after his resurrection, will return. And not only that, his return is immanent! Do you believe it!? It’s not an event we can put a date on, but the lesson of today’s readings, the urging of our Lord is that it *will* happen, and we need to be prepared!

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Say it direct!

The views expressed in this item are those of the writer, and may not represent the views of other members of St Aidan’s Parkdale.

In my professional work as a social worker, I am frequently called on to deal with relationships that have broken down entirely. One thing that is striking about these relationships is the frequency with which people avoid approaching difficulties that arise in their personal relationships – intimate partner relationships, parent/child relationships, friendships – preferring to internalise the problem, withholding their thoughts and feelings. Continue reading

Love and intimacy

Readers please note that the views expressed are my own, and may not represent the views of other members of St Aidan’s Parkdale.

This week, my wife and I lost her mother; my much loved mother in law. She was a strong woman, but died struggling to breathe after years of suffering with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. I was holding her hand when she took her last gasping breath. At the time, she was mercifully asleep and under the influence of morphine and, with the knowledge that those who loved her were surrounding her, she slipped away. Continue reading

Christ is Risen! A 2016 reflection.

We live in an age of science. Science has proven, over and again, to be of fabulous value. However, science is about the natural order of things – the predictable, reliable, demonstrable patterns of the natural world. Living in this age of science, the tendency is to believe that those who lived in the time of Christ were, somehow, more gullible, more credulous, and more willing to believe in the miraculous. Continue reading

A reflection on Islam

I am writing in the wake of the latest atrocity of terrorism perpetrated by fanatical Muslims in Brussels.

I believe it must be admitted that the seeds of these violent, murderous acts are in Islam itself. Thankfully, many, many Muslims spurn behaviour that accords with those passages in the Koran and Hadith that inform them, and live amongst us fully embracing the values of democracy and respect for community diversity and cohesion that arise from our Christian values. Romans 14 enjoins tolerance of a multiplicity of views, and a tolerance of diversity. Continue reading

A Palm Sunday Reflection 2016

Today is Palm Sunday on the church calendar: the day we remember Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem saddled on a donkey and being hailed as a king. It is named so because palm fronds were strewn along his path as he rode.The crowds were hopeful that Jesus was the liberating Messiah promised in many Old Testament passages, e.g. Zechariah 9:9-10 Continue reading

Guest Speaker

We were very pleased to host the Chaplain from Parkdale Secondary College, Susan Parkin, who spoke at both our 8:30 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. services on Sunday 21st February. Susan shared her journey to faith as well as about the way she works at building relationships with, and praying for, the staff and students at Parkdale Secondary College.

We are proud to support Susan in her work!

World Day of Prayer at St. Aidans

This year World Day of Prayer is on Friday 6th March and the focus of our prayers will be the Bahamas. This year St. Aidan’s will be hosting it in our area. Please join us as we unite in prayer for this nation! Time: 10.30am

World Day Prayer 2015

STAMPP Musical Playgroup & SASS Kids are back!


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The school year is about to start again and you know what that means? Yes, our SASS Kids program will be starting up again at 10.15am on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month. So our first session back will be on the 8th of February. See you there!

It also means that our musical playgroup will be starting up again for the year! If you’ve got preschoolers at home and are looking for some fun and friendship (for your children and you), why not join us on Monday mornings at 10.30am? Contact June on 9587 1664 or visit our Kids Page  for more details.

Kerry Medway is coming this August


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We’re thrilled to have Kerry and his wife Julie coming to minister among us in August. With his range of experience and gift of communication, it’ll be a great opportunity to invite others to hear the good news about Jesus, and to be encouraged in faith ourselves.

Check out our services page for details!

For more about about Kerry, visit his website: www.KerryMedway.org

Kerry has also written a number of books, including the popular Bush Preacher Bites the Dust. Here Kerry shares a bit about it:

And another book of his: Desperate



Help us build a…


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Help us build a nation, A people proud and free –
Proud of our high vocation, Humble, O Lord, to Thee.
Aflame with high endeavour, Though many paths be trod,
Keep us united ever, One people, serving God

Robert Garren, who helped draft Australia’s Federal Constitution and who was appointed Secretary to the Attorney General’s department on 1/1/1901, wrote this poem.

World Day of Prayer Service


The annual World Day of Prayer service in our area will be held on Friday 7th of March, 2014 at 10.30am at Parkdale Church of Christ (176 Como Pde. West, Parkdale).

Please join us as we gather across denominations, joining with Christians around the nation and around the world, to pray together. This year’s service has been prepared by a committee of Christians across the denominations of Egypt and their theme is “Streams in the Desert”. It will be followed be a morning tea.

Peace, Joy and Answered Prayers



Recently, I had a heart attack and spent five days in hospital. After two days of quiet rest, I was told to walk around. Together with the other ladies in the ward and another lady from the surgical ward, we walked and laughed and prayed. God gave us peace and joy. What could have been a miserable stay became a very happy time for all of us. On the last night, I prayed with each of the ladies in my ward but was sorry the lady from the other ward wasn’t there. A minute later she came in and asked me to pray for her too. Next day she came to tell me the prayers had been answered.